About the Institute

Chuuse Institute is an elite technology development company that equips high potential individuals with world-class technological and leadership skills as well as combined practical exposure through real-life projects and corporate placements. Also ensuring that our talents are enabled to launch their careers in tech world successfully.

Our training program is a 12 months intensive course programme that is a platform to launching a successful career as a tech talent. At the end of the program, we guarantee you will become a competitive, industry-ready to take up an entry-level to mid level software engineer job.

  • We offer a one on one mentorship oppurtunity with top and established industry experts .
  • We have a flexible payment options which allows you pay us after you graduate and secure a job.

How it Works?

  • Recruitment

    We screen to identify fast and quick learners to become a part of Chuuse Software Engineers

  • Training

    We deliver an intensive 12 months program (full-stack software development + soft skills)

  • Placement

    We match Chuuse engineers and tech talents with our hiring organizations to join their engineering teams full-time


Can I get accepted into the program even if I don't have a Computer Science background

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